VEEV ONE Luscious Pink Luscious Pink
59.00 PLN

VEEV ONE Luscious Pink


  • Luscious Pink
    59.00 PLN

VEEV ONE is a re-usable e-cigarette with pods.

VEEV ONE has been designed to ensure consistent flavour with every puff. VEEV ONE features a distinctive mini ceramic technology with a low liquid detection system that is designed to prevent burnt taste. One charge is enough for the entire pod*.

VEEV ONE does not contain pods in the package.

*Up to 1000 puffs on a single pod, based on a 1 sec puff duration. Individual vaping patterns may vary.

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Wide variety of flavours

No cleaning, no refilling

Fully charged in less than 45 minutes

How to use VEEV ONE?

Watch the video and see how simple it is.

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VEEV Classic Mint pod

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1. Consistent flavour

Low liquid detection system (designed for no burnt taste)

2. Uniquely compact ceramic heating technology

Compact in size. 6.5 W battery power.

3. Fast Charging

The battery charges in less than 45 min. One charge. One pod.

4. Maximises the use of liquid

Up to 2000 puffs for 2 pods*.
*Based on a puff duration of 1 second. May vary depending on individual usage patterns.

5. Recyclable

Device and pods can be returned for recycling

*Return your pods/devices and we will recycle the recyclable components.

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