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Blog / A Guide to Vaping
smiling woman vaping a blue VEEV E-cigarette 

A Guide to Vaping

The rapid rise of the vaping industry over the course of the last decade has been difficult to ignore. The best choice that any adult smoker can make, without question, is to quit altogether. However, for those who do not want to quit, or are unable to vaping is now widely accepted as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

This Vaping 101 article covers the fundamentals of vaping. It explains how vaping differs from cigarette smoking and provides an overview of the kinds of vaping devices that are available on the market today.

gold, red, blue veev vape devices with veev flavour pods

How vaping differs from smoking

The following provide an overview of the major differences between vaping and smoking cigarettes.

No smoke: Smoking relies on combustion. When a cigarette is lit, it produces smoke, which is inhaled directly into the lungs.

Vaping doesn’t involve combustion. When you puff on a vaping device, the e-liquid inside heats up electronically and converts to a vapour, which can then be inhaled. Typically, this vapour will contain nicotine, though nicotine-free e-liquids are also widely available.

Reduced risk: Since vaping doesn’t involve combustion, vaping devices don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide; two of the most harmful constituents of cigarette smoke.

Though less harmful than smoking cigarettes, vaping isn’t entirely risk-free.

More flavours: Tobacco flavoured vapes can help to simulate the taste of smoking cigarettes for those looking to switch to a better alternative. However, in addition - there are a wide variety of other vape flavours including menthol as well as fruit flavoured options.

Electronic: Vaping devices - also known as e-cigarettes and e-vaporisers - are electronic.

Vaping devices are available from a broad range of brands and come in many forms. Some resemble cigarettes (so-called cigalikes), whilst others look more like pens or USB memory sticks, many of the devices used by more advanced vapers have much bulkier appearances and contain many customisable components.

Introducing VEEV - The next advance in vaping technology

VEEV is a new, state of the art, technically advanced pod vape system. Based on six years of intensive scientific research and development in Switzerland, VEEV combines simple-to-use elegance with innovative design, new personalisation features and dedicated support as standard.

The technology behind VEEV ensures a truly seamless and effortless experience. The VEEV device features draw-activated heating and an innovative liquid level detection system that ensures the consistency and quality of the vapour produced.

Incorporating ground-breaking MESH™ Heating Technology, VEEV also features an intelligent integrated low liquid detection system to prevent the unpleasant dry hits often associated with vaping

Powering the VEEV device is a high-efficiency battery - certified according to ISO standards and fast-charging in less than 30 minutes to provide a full days charge.

VEEV has been built using the latest in ergonomic expertise, the elegant design incorporates a durable, polished aluminium finishing which fits in the palm of your hand and offers a comfortable feel on your lips when vaping.

The innovative VEEV app allows you to make your vaping experience entirely your own. Utilising Bluetooth technology, VEEV connects directly to your smartphone to create a best-in-class, personalised vaping experience. The VEEV app allows you to:

  • Adjust the quantity of vapour that VEEV produces.
  • Bring a new sensorial aspect to your vaping with VEEV’s responsive-draw settings.
  • Monitor usage by viewing the number of puffs taken on the VEEV.
  • Lock the VEEV to prevent unwanted use by others.
Learn more about VEEVs precision vaping technology here.
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