What’s the smallest thing you can do today to reduce your environmental impact?

With our Circular Programme, your used VEEV NOW vape devices you can now collect and return them to us to be recycled.

Through cooperation with the company SPECTRA MEDIA d.o.o., whose main activity is the collection, recovery and disposal of electrical and electronic waste, and which has been dealing with recycling and recovery of EE waste since 2007, by disassembling returned VEEV NOW vape devices into components, we will ensure a high percentage of device recycling, given that 93% of the device's material can be recycled and thus enters the recycling process.

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Take the first step
Get your free collection in VEEV store.
Collect your used VEEV NOW vape devices in the collection bag until full.
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Return the bag to your nearest VEEV store. You can exchange each used VEEV NOW device that you return for a voucher in the amount of 1 EUR.