Can you explain what the lights on a VEEV ONE device mean?

The device can show 1-4 white lights, 1 red light

Blinking 5 times upper white light indicates low e-liquid detection in the VEEV ONE pod. Please, insert a new pod.

Blinking 5 times lower white light indicates low battery. Please, recharge.

Blinking 2 times lower white light indicates over puffing, the device has a time protection for over puffing of 5 seconds.

All lights blink white twice when trying to puff indicates that the device is outside operating temperature (0 to 40 °C). Simply bring it back within this range

Blinking bottom red light indicates device error.

Please, reset the device. If this does not solve the issue, please, contact Customer Care support

No lights may indicate:

· The device is OFF

· The battery is fully discharged

· Device is physically damaged