What do the lights on my VEEV device mean?

The device can show 1-4 white LEDs, 1 red LED & 1 blue LED (Bluetooth connection).

  • Blinking upper white lightindicates either low e-liquid detection in the VEEV pod or the pod is not detected / not correctly inserted. Please, ensure you removed the seal tab prior to insertion.
  • Blinking lower white light indicates low battery. Please, recharge.
  • All lights blink white twice and switch off indicates that the device is outside operating temperature (0 to 40 °C). Simply bring it back within this range.
  • Top and bottom lights remain white for several seconds once you try to turn it on indicates that the device has not been activated. Please, activate your device prior the first use.

•        Blinking bottom red light indicates device error.  Please, reset the device. If this does not solve the issue, please, contact our consumer servuice.

  • No lights may indicate:
    • The device is off
    • The battery is fully discharged
    • Pod is not inserted
    • Time out (3 min). The device has automatically switched off

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