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Unique VEEV MESH™ heating technology.

3 colours of VEEV vaping devices on a grey and blue background

The result of Science Made Right.

Scientific research and development underpins everything we do on VEEV. We built a team of over 400 scientists, and collectively we’ve filed thousands of patents and invested billions in the development of our smoke-free alternatives.

The result is a true product of dedication. Our unique VEEV MESH™ heating technology is designed in Switzerland, and it’s backed by over 6 years of rigorous scientific research and development.

Smart digital controls.

The MESH heater’s smart digital control detects when the e-liquid level is low and shuts off the device. This is designed to prevent overheating and burnt taste.

VEEV vaping devices in 5 colors on blue background

Durable and beautifully designed.

Milled from a single block of aluminum, it’s sturdy, stylish, and built to last.
The VEEV device' battery is certified according to ISO standards featuring multiple protections to prevent electrical issues.
In the unlikely case something goes wrong with your device, your VEEV device and battery are covered by a one-year warranty*.
*Terms and conditions apply.

Crafted for convenience .

The device takes less than 30 minutes* to fully charge and allows you to continue using your vape while it charges. The charge also lasts a full day**, so you’re free to enjoy your vape without worrying about running out of battery.
*With manufacturer-approved AC power adaptor.
**Based on an average of 145 puffs/day, individual vaping patterns may vary.


VEEV vaping device presented in 5 colours on grey background