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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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Care Plus.

Deux appareil VEEV bleu sur une table en bois
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2 appareil VEEV bleu et or brillant sur un fond jaune

Care you can count on.

To make your experience with VEEV more effortless, we have created an extensive service package for you to enjoy tailored support and coverage.

Enrollment is automatic once you register your VEEV device and applies for the full period of your device warranty.*

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*Terms and conditions apply. Click here to review.

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Accidental damage coverage.

Care Plus provides you with the peace of mind that even if you accidentally damage your device you will get a replacement.

If you are experiencing device issues, please contact our Care Team for troubleshooting, diagnostic and replacement services.

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Rapid replacement.

A quick replacement of your device to ensure that you can always enjoy uninterrupted VEEV moments.

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International assistance.

International Assistance is a service providing you with assistance 24/7 whilst you are travelling. You can access services for device troubleshooting and replacement while travelling in selected countries where VEEV is available.

Something we haven’t covered?

There are several ways you can reach us.