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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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How Do Vaping Products Work?
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How Do Vaping Products Work?

Vaping products contain several different components. Find out more about the different types of vapes and how they work.

Instead of producing smoke, like cigarettes do, these battery-powered smoke-free alternativesusually create a vapour. Vapes contains several different components, including a mouthpiece (part of the cartridge), a battery and sometimes an atomizer whichhas a coil. To work, the battery powers the atomizer which, in turn, heats the e-liquid – the solution that provides the flavour and vapour. E-liquids often contain nicotine, which is addictive, so it is important to remember that vapes are not risk-free.

Vapes can be an alternative for adult smokers switching from cigarettes. There are different types of vapes, and each works in a slightly different way. Understanding the differences between device types can help an adult smoker make the switch to vaping from continued smoking.

How Different Types of Vapes Work

There are two basic categories when it comes to e-cigs: short-term disposable vapes, and longer-term rechargeable vapes.

Disposable vapes aren’t designed to last. Disposable vapes typically don’t require users to replace the parts, such as the battery, which is convenient. However, the downside is the device needs to be discarded once the battery or e-liquid runs out. There are different types of disposable vapes including refillable and single-fill options. In a refillable disposable, he e-liquid can be replaced by refilling it, whereas the e-liquid can’t be replaced in single-fill disposables. Once the e-liquid runs out, single-fill disposables vapes must be discarded.

Rechargeable vapes are an alternative option for adult smokers who want a device that lasts longer than a disposable, and typically need to be recharged. There are four categories of rechargeable vapes:

1. Cigalikes

Cigalikes imitate the way a cigarette looks and feels. However, they have flavour and technological limitations as they were one of the earliest vape types. The design and technology of e-cigarettes have come a long way since the invention of these devices.

2. Mods

Generally, these are the largest sized vapes.

3. Vape Pens

These particular devices look like a pen- hence the name. They are a common type of vape and are- smaller than mods. Vape pens are typically more accessible and easier to use.

4. Pod Systems

These usually consist of two components; a pod filled with e-liquid and a battery. Connect the two for a complete pod system vape.

Please note there are smoke-free options other than vapes. These include heated tobacco which is a very different product.

How Other Smoke-Free Alternatives Work

Heated tobacco provides a unique experience. Essentially, these devices heat tobacco instead of burning it. Smoke-free products don’t burn tobacco.

Nicotine pouches are not actually a device and therefore they are different from the experience of a cigarette. Pouches are placed between the gum and lip, providing gradual release of nicotine throughout the day.

Now that you understand how vaping works, you might be interested in learning more about technological developments in the e-cigarette market.

New, Innovative Smoke-Free Technology

In recent years, there have been multiple developments in smoke-free technology. Whether you’re using a modern vape or heated tobacco product, you can expect improvements from earlier products. For example, VEEV is an e-cig that represents the innovation in vape technology over the past few years. VEEV is a pod system vape that is small in size and big in power. *Check out the FAQ page and do your own research when looking for a new device. After all, there are multiple options available - and they all have a unique vaping experience.

Important information: VEEV is not risk-free.

If you’re looking for an alternative to cigarettes, learning how vapes work can be helpful when choosing the right product for you. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and taste.


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