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The VEEV Starter Bundle has everything you need to experience our advanced vaping device and expertly crafted flavours.

This bundle includes:
1 VEEV device.
1 pack of VEEV pods.
Each pack includes 2 VEEV pods.

Device colours are available in: Velvet Grey, Brilliant Gold, Marine Blue, Copper Rose and Lucid Teal.

Explore our product range of tobacco, mint, fruit, flavours with a twist and our new VEEV Accents.

Tobacco – Classic Auburn and Classic Blond (Available in 0.8% & 1.6%)
Mint – Classic Mint and Green Mix (Available in 0.8% & 1.6%)
Fruit – Sunglow Mix, Red Mix, Mauve Mix (Available in 1.6%)
Flavours with a twist - Island Cascade, Velvet Valley (Available in 1.6%)
VEEV Accents - Blend Tobacco (Available in 0.9%), Balanced Tobacco (available in 1.2%), Rich Tobacco (available in 1.5%).

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VEEV Pods - All Flavours

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