Precision Vaping

A better alternative for adult smokers.

Vaping by IQOS

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Customized vaping pleasure. Fast charging. Smart technology.

Expertly crafted vaping flavors. With subtle vibrations on every draw from the IQOS VEEV device. Full battery charge in less than 30 minutes*. Backed by science that makes IQOS VEEV smart.

*when the IQOS VEEV device is used with manufacturer-approved AC power adaptor, sold separately


IQOS VEEV: made for vaping pleasure.

A vaping device that’s a delight to hold. With a refined range of colors and polished aluminum finishing that come together for an elegant look and feel. Milled from a single block of aluminum, it’s sturdy, stylish, and built to last. This is a vape design made right


Crafted vaping flavor. Made right.

Delight your senses with crafted vaping flavors. IQOS VEEV offers a sophisticated twist on the familiar vaping flavors you love. Brought to life by our flavor designers and made right with best in class ingredients, IQOS VEEV delivers vape moments worth savoring. 


A vaping experience the way you want

Through the IQOS app, you can now customize your IQOS VEEV device and your vaping experience to reflect your preferences. Choose between two vape cloud sizes (amount of vapor generated), select the responsive draw setting that you like on your device, view your usage (puff count), and lock/unlock your IQOS VEEV to prevent others from accessing it. This makes your IQOS VEEV device truly your own and every adult user gets their own unique vape experience. If you have more questions about “What is VEEV?” or “What is IQOS VEEV?” please see our FAQ.

Vaping like no other.

Take your vaping experience to the next level. With IQOS VEEV vape cloud customization and our unique sensory feature, the responsive draw delivers a subtle vibration at every draw.


Vaping you can trust.

Unique IOQS VEEV Technology: The result of Science made right. Scientific research and development underpin everything we do with IQOS VEEV. For this and other PMI smoke-free products, we built a team of over 400 scientists, and collectively we’ve filed thousands of patents and invested billions in the development of our smoke-free alternatives. The result is the IQOS VEEV vape device: a true product of dedication. Our unique MESH™ heating technology is designed in Switzerland, and it’s backed by over 6 years of rigorous scientific research and development. We’ve designed the Mesh™ heater to remain in constant contact with the e-liquid, which delivers taste consistency unlike wick and coil e-cigarettes.