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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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What is the Q-Lab app for IQOS?


Pair your IQOS device with the Q-Lab app to access additional device features.


Personalize your vaping experience to reflect your preferences.


Learn tips and tricks about your IQOS device.

What is the Q-Lab app for IQOS?


Pair your VEEV device with the Q-Lab app to start using your digital companion on your full conversion from cigarettes to VEEV, viewing usage information and access all your device functionalities.


Personalize your VEEV experience through connected features.


Learn about the world of VEEV and how to use your device.

Download the right Q-Lab app for you

Android users

Q-Lab app*

Mac Users

Q-Lab desktop app*

Windows users

Q-Lab desktop app*

iPhone Users

Q-Lab web app*

* Not available in all provinces

Choose the right app for you.

What is the Q-Lab app?

The Q-Lab app is available for Android mobile devices through the Google Play store.

What is the Q-Lab desktop app?

The Q-Lab desktop app is an application specifically designed for desktops and laptops, and is available for Windows and Mac. You can connect your IQOS device to the Q-Lab desktop app with a USB cable.

What is the Q-Lab web app?

The Q-Lab web app is a platform available for iPhone users. You can connect your IQOS device to the Q-Lab web app via a Bluetooth connection. Since the standard browsers on iPhones do not support Bluetooth, you will need to download the Bluefly Bluetooth browser from the App Store to connect to the Q-Lab web app.