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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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What is e-liquid?
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What is e-liquid?

E-liquid is an essential part of the vaping experience and is used in e-cigarettes or vaping devices. When the e-liquid is heated, it produces an aerosol, also commonly referred to as vapor. E-liquid is often flavoured and may contain nicotine, which is addictive, as well as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - two ingredients for the formation of the aerosol. The combination of these ingredients varies on a product-by-product basis. The ingredients and their quantities are listed on the product packaging, so please check the packaging for this information. Ingredients and their quantities are listed on product packaging, if you are looking for more information.

We recommend checking that the e-liquid you choose is made by legitimate manufacturers so that it adheres to safety standards. Pairing the e-liquid with your e-cigarette device is crucial for having an optimal vaping experience.

Vaping is not risk-free, and many e-cigarettes provide nicotine, which is addictive. Smoke-free products are intended for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use nicotine products and are not intended as cessation devices. The best option is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. However, for those adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, switching completely to vaping could be a better choice than continuing to smoke-cigarettes.

Adult vapers looking for a simple way to approach the selection of e-liquids may explore pod-based vape systems, where e-liquid comes pre-filled in capsules that are designed specifically to be used with the e-cigarette. Swapping out flavours or refilling e-liquid into pod-based vape systems is easy as it only requires changing the pod. Some vapers prefer to mix liquids and use e-liquid calculators, but we would recommend choosing an option from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that all safety requirements have been followed.

Can vape-liquid be made without PG and VG?

E-liquid for vaping is most usually made with PG and VG, though other compounds can also act as aerosol formers. PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are the most common ingredients to form the e-liquid base, which is an essential component in all e-liquids for vaping. Nicotine and flavourings are added to the e-liquid base.

How is nicotine measured in e-liquid?

Nicotine in e-liquid is typically measured in mg/ml, with bottles or packaging commonly indicating the amount of nicotine there is, in relation to the total amount of e-liquid in the bottle.

How are flavours added to e-liquid?

Flavourings are added to e-liquid and are subject to safety standards. They are usually specifically designed to be added to a PG and VG base with nicotine to create e-liquid. Typically, a flavour is added by a manufacturer directly to the e-liquid.

Pod-based vaping systems provide a wide range of flavours to choose from. The pods come pre-filled with e-liquid that has been specifically designed to work with the vaping device. Discover our range of VEEV ONE vape flavours available in Canada or in-store at an authorized retailer near you.

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