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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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Mod Vapes Explained
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Mod Vapes Explained

Adult smokers switching to vaping might find the more complex vape types, such as mod vapes, confusing to understand. This style of vaping features extensive customization and is preferred by some adult vapers.

What Is a Vape Mod?

Also called vape mods, mod vapes let you take control by customizing the device and its components such as the coil, power, and device size.

The term “mod” comes from the word “modify” - so a “mod” changes the vaping experience from anything bought as standard. The amount of modification depends on the type of setup you’re using, although “mod” has evolved as a way of simply describing any vaping setup that uses an extra piece of kit. The term may also refer to an add-on part to the originally purchased vape device. For this reason, an adult vaper might simply refer to the kit they use as a vape mod.

A mod takes its cues from a standard vape device. When modified, a vape mod typically includes specific, different features. The reasons that an adult smoker or vaper might choose a vape mod over a standard device ultimately depends on their personal preference. However, device modification and mod vapes are not recommended, as deviating from manufacturer guidance may lead to problems with a device.

Some mod devices have been designed according to the specific components within – such as the atomizer, coil and e-liquids. Different components may not work if they are incompatible.

What Can Be Modified in a Vape Mod?

Modifications may include alterations to power or e-liquid capacity. Here are three areas of modification that make a difference to the vaping experience.

- The amount of power - The battery size typically impacts how the atomizer – a component responsible for heating the e-liquid - performs inside the device. A modified vape might have a separate, detachable battery that could change the atomizer’s performance.

- The size - The size of a vape tank typically accounts for how much e-liquid it can hold, so a larger tank can increase the capacity of e-liquid it carries.

- The coil - This often small but important component inside some vapes does the job of vapourizing e-liquid. Some adult vapers tailor coils by building their own, using different materials- sometimes in different shapes and sizes. For example, a ceramic coil might impact the vaping experience due to its potential ability to handle higher temperatures and which increases vapour production.

Other variables that exist when it comes to vape mods include:

- Variable Wattage Mode - Also known as VWM, vapes with this feature allows more control over the amount of power supplied to the coil. Therefore, they offer a higher level of wattage control.

- Puff Counter - This feature allows the adult user to see how many puffs they have left.

- Temperature Control Mode - This modification, also known as TCM, is often used to set a specific temperature instead of wattage. This gives a more consistent vape experience, even when the battery life is running low.

- OLED screen - OLED refers to the digital display on a vape mod. For some adult smokers or vapers, having a digital display is useful It can provide wattage or temperature information - or even a real-time clock.

- Portable box with power adjustment - This style of vape mod often comes separate from the tank and battery. Sometimes, with increased customization, portable box mods allow the adult user to set the power input to the coil.

While this may all sound intriguing, customizing or modifying a vape can come at a cost. This is often due to the complexity of parts, which usually need replacing more often than you might expect. Use a vape as intended by the manufacturer - never modify a device that is not supposed to be taken apart or adapted.

Are Vape Mods Complicated?

Overall, vape mods offer greater customization, such as options for vapour control, greater battery capacity, and the choice to choose a specific look. With so much potential to modify a vaping experience, there are also many factors that make using one complex. With numerous parts and a high level of complexity, there is potential for complications in a mod vape. Some of the problems vape mods might encounter include:

- Connection issues - Typically, connection issues occur due to corrosion or dirt, plus deterioration of the battery terminal and connection elements over time.

- O-ring – Potential issues with O-rings include corrosion over time. The O-ring may need checking to make sure it’s functioning correctly, or replaced once worn through.

- Atomizer - The atomizer might fail if the pins aren’t touching or if the insulator isn’t functioning properly.

- Battery - It’s usually the case that the larger power capacity, the longer the battery will need recharging. Imagine having to replace a large battery when the time comes. Issues with connection points inside a vape mod may also cause battery problems.

- E-liquid - Leaks are common. Mixing up different ratios of VG / PG (Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol) in e-liquid can compromise the overall performance of a device.

- Hacking devices or altering settings in a way that is not intended by the manufacturer can cause damage to a vape device.

It is worth acknowledging that vape mods might require a regular amount of maintenance to keep them working properly. This typically includes frequent cleaning, replacing components such as the coil regularly, and proper handling of the device.

Should You Use a Vape Mod?

Modified vapes are, generally, more complex than a standard vape or disposable device. Purchasing a vape mod poses potential risks – also to your time and wallet. Another point to consider is the weight of a vape mod. Disposable and pen style vapes are often lightweight and portable - whereas a vape mod is likely to be more cumbersome by design. These devices could be an inconvenience to carry throughout the day. It’s important that an adult vapers follow manufacturer’s guidance. Otherwise, a device could encounter problems.

For adult smokers or adult vapers who are unsure whether to switch to a vape mod over another type of vape, it’s useful to know there are various vapes that require no modification.

Why You Won’t Need Vape Mods with VEEV Products

If you’re looking for a smoke-free alternative that isn’t a vape mod, look into VEEV’s vaping devices, designed for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes.

For adult smokers or vapers who thinking about using a vape mod, but aren’t sure about all the functions and extra maintenance, then VEEV might be a better option. The VEEV ONE pod device comes with a range of features such as fast-charging in less than 45 minutes, and there is no need to replace wick and coil. Changing flavours (or capsules) is easy. To change capsules, just snap and go. Discover VEEV with the online store.

Important information: VEEV is not risk-free.

While there are many vape mod options on the market that offer adult vapers a personalized experience, it’s helpful to know that plenty of vape devices come with features designed to make vaping easy and uncomplicated, with no need to modify it, while still offering a smoke-free experience.


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