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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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Just in! Introducing VEEV Accents—exclusive VEEV flavours made from real tobacco
VEEV Accents offers a world of real tobacco flavour

Just in! Introducing VEEV Accents—exclusive VEEV flavours made from real tobacco

It’s no secret that real tobacco flavour is found in real tobacco leaves. In fact, it’s science. That’s why, for the first time ever, VEEV has succeeded in capturing the flavour of real tobacco, in a vape pod. With VEEV Accents, vapers looking for an authentic tobacco experience, have found it. Let’s take a deeper dive into this new vaping development.

What are VEEV Accents?

VEEV Accents are authentic tobacco flavours extracted from real tobacco leaves. These new VEEV flavours are for adult smokers that would like to find a smoke-free alternative, but still want to enjoy the satisfaction of real tobacco flavour.

Tobacco flavour made right

VEEV Accents vape pods come in three tobacco flavours, each offering a satisfying level of authentic tobacco taste. Vapers can choose from:

  • Bright Tobacco: Mellow and aromatic. Available in 0.9%
  • Balanced Tobacco: Well-rounded and warm. Available in 1.2%.
  • Rich Tobacco: Rich and dark. Available in 1.5%.

How are VEEV Accents different?

It all comes down to our natural production method. While VEEV Accents work just like other vape pods, for the first time ever VEEV has created flavours from real tobacco leaves.

To make VEEV Accents, three tobacco varieties are picked with care and expertly cured. Natural flavours and nicotine are then extracted using cutting-edge heat precision technology, catching the essence of tobacco leaves.

Finally, these flavours are blended into a range of rich, well-rounded and bright flavors, for pure tobacco vaping pleasure.

Where can I buy VEEV Accents?

VEEV Accents will only be available online, so if you’re ready to try natural tobacco flavours for yourself, simply make a purchase online through the VEEV webstore. If you act now, you can even take advantage of our special, buy one get one free offer!

FREE VEEV Accents with the purchase of VEEV pods

From now until November 21, 2022, get a free pack of VEEV Accents with the purchase of a “4X Mixed Bundle”, “Starter Bundle”, or our “Try VEEV Bundle”.

Missed the special offer date? No problem. After November 21, you can still get a free pack of VEEV Accents when you buy either the “Try VEEV Bundle” or our “Starter Bundle”.

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