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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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Discover New Tobacco & Mint Flavours for VEEV ONE & VEEV NOW
New VEEV mint and tobacco vape flavours.

Discover New Tobacco & Mint Flavours for VEEV ONE & VEEV NOW

What New VEEV Pod Flavours Are Available?

Get ready to explore a range of exciting new flavours* for your VEEV devices. VEEV is proud to introduce an array of fresh new flavour options to elevate your vaping experience. The new flavours include Toasted Tobacco, Mild Tobacco, Bright Tobacco, Warm Tobacco, Spearmint, and Ice Mint. While you're at it, don't forget to check out the existing flavours available on the VEEV website. Let's dive in and explore the latest in vape flavours.

Existing VEEV Flavours:

  1. Classic Mint - Refreshing Peppermint
  2. Green Mint - Refreshing Mint
  3. Blue Mint - Minty Menthol
  4. Mauve - Blueberry and Strawberry
  5. Classic Tobacco - Refined Tobacco
  6. Indie Blue - Blueberry and Pomegranate
  7. Red - Dragon Fruit and Strawberry
  8. Coral Pink - Watermelon and Melon
  9. Deep Yellow - Mango
  10. Marigold - Mango and Menthol
  11. Yellow Green - Apple and Sour
  12. Gold - Apple and Orange
  13. Yellow - Apple and Watermelon

New Tobacco and Mint Flavour Flavours

Let's take a closer look at the new flavours. Each pack of VEEV ONE pods contains two 2ml pods. These flavours are also available in VEEV NOW disposables.

Toasted Tobacco: Enjoy a toasted tobacco flavour coupled with creamy notes.

Mild Tobacco: For another tobacco experience, try this aromatic flavour with subtle sweetness and creamy notes.

Bright Tobacco: This flavour features roasted and floral notes.

Warm Tobacco: Experience a fine tobacco flavour matched with sweet notes.

Spearmint: For a mellows spearmint experience with cool notes, try this flavour.

Ice Mint: An intense cooling experience for those who want something crisp.

These new flavour profiles cater to your specific preferences, ensuring that you find your ideal vaping experience.

Where to Buy/Find new VEEV Tobacco & Mint Flavours

To get your hands on these exciting new VEEV ONE and VEEV NOW pods, simply visit the official VEEV website. There, you can conveniently order your preferred flavours online for a hassle-free shopping experience. Alternatively, if you prefer to shop in person, use VEEV's store locator to find a nearby retailer. VEEV is committed to making their products easily accessible for all their customers.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore these exceptional new tobacco and mint flavours from VEEV. Your vaping experience is about to become more diverse and flavourful than ever before. Upgrade your vaping routine with VEEV today!

Flavour availability varies by province.