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Your favourite flavours now wrapped in a new, bright pack

New look. Same great VEEV flavours.

Something new is coming to your preferred VEEV retailer, and the VEEV web shop—our NEW packaging!. While our new colourful pack design offers something new visually, when it comes to the great taste of VEEV’s premium pods, nothing’s changed. Rest assured that the VEEV flavours you currently enjoy will remain the same. With each pack of VEEV pods you buy, you can expect the flavourful experience you’ve come to expect.

Which flavour is right for you?

We know everyone has their preferred vape flavour, which is why VEEV offers a variety of pods, each blended for taste and character. VEEV pods are available in either 0.8% or 1.6% nicotine options. No matter which flavour you prefer, your preferred nicotine level is up to you.

Experience the taste of every VEEV flavour:

Classic Auburn Dark Tobacco
Classic Blond Bright Tobacco
Classic Mint Creamy Peppermint
Green Mix Herbal Mint
Sunglow Mix Brazilian Cherry
Red Mix Red Berries
Mauve Mix Passion Fruit
Island Cascade Watermelon & Minty
Velvet Valley Vanilla & Spicy

Where to buy VEEV and VEEV Accents

Ready to buy? Pick up VEEV pods in our new uplifted packaging, along with stylish VEEV devices at retailers throughout Canada or in the VEEV web shop.