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What is the difference between vaping and cigarette smoking?

Is vaping safe?

With so many alternatives to continued smoking on the market today, adult smokers are likely to have heard of vaping and e-cigarettes. Questions that many smokers may have are, what is the difference between vaping and smoking cigarettes, and is vaping safe?

Firstly, none of the nicotine-containing products are safe not risk free. The best decision any smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. For those adults who would otherwise continue to smoke we will try to explain the key difference between vaping vs smoking. To begin, smoking involves lighting a cigarette and letting it burn. This process of burning, called combustion, produces cigarette smoke.

Vapes, or e-cigarettes, do not burn tobacco. Rather, they use e-liquids that are heated to specific temperatures using a battery powered heating component. The vapor from e-vapor products is generated when the e-liquid is heated. There is no combustion as nothing is lit on fire, and as a result, no smoke is produced. Vaping products are not risk-free, and they provide nicotine, which is addictive. Vapes must not be used by minors, people who have quit smoking, and never smoked. All nicotine-containing products should not be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding and should not be used by people who have or are at risk of heart disease, are diabetic, are epileptic or are experiencing seizures.

Vaping vs smoking

Adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking or using other nicotine products and are considering switching to vaping often wonder what is the difference between vaping vs smoking.

Is vaping an alternative to continued smoking?

The best decision any smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. Vaping products are smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke. Science and technology have enabled the development of vaping products that do not involve the combustion of tobacco. The absence of combustion is an essential element in the term “smoke-free alternative”.

Are e-cigarettes and vapes the same thing?

What’s the difference between e-cigarettes and vapes? Nothing. They’re the same thing! E-cigarettes and vapes both refer to the same category of electronic smoke-free products that utilize e-liquids and produce vapour, and vaping is the action of using an e-cigarette or vape.

Is vaping regulated?

The way vaping is regulated varies by country. If you live in Canada and decide to switch from cigarette smoking to vaping, it is important to understand the provincial and federal regulations applied to your territory.

Does RBH offer vaping products?

VEEV is the vape offered by RBH, which is a better choice than continued smoking. If you want to leave cigarettes behind and find out if this is the e-cigarette for you, you can head straight away to shop VEEV.

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