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Designed to stay in the right hands, the VEEV device needs to be activated by an adult before first use


Why do I need to activate my VEEV device? 

We believe minors should not have access to nicotine products. As part of this social responsibility mission, the VEE device is designed to stay in the right hands and help prevent use by minors. Thus, VEEV devices are shipped inactive from the factory and they need to be activated before first use. This includes verifying your age in order to prove you are an adult.


How do I activate my VEEV device?

 Start by scanning the QR code or accessing the link in your VEEV device folio and simply follow the instructions.


First, you’ll have to register for a VEEV account and confirm that you are a smoker of user of other nicotine products. In order to finish creating your account, you will need to verify your age to prove that you are over 18.


Once you’ve been age verified, you can register, pair and activate your VEEV device. You can do so via Bluetooth® or an USB cable.


Please note that for the activation process, you’ll have to use Google Chrome if you have an Android phone.

If you are an iPhone user, you’ll have to download the Bluefy browser.



 What is Bluefy? 

Bluefy is an internet browser which helps connect your iPhone to our website via Bluetooth® in order to securely pair, activate and manage your VEEV device.

Bluefy is secure, convenient to use and it won’t take a lot of space on your phone. You can download it for free from the App Store.



Compatible devices 

Certain mobile phones are incompatible with the VEEV vape, so you won’t be able to connect and activate it using your smartphone. Please check if your device is compatible. 



Is there another way to activate my VEEV device? 

Yes. You can activate your VEEV device by visiting us in-store or by calling our Customer Centre.


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