Why can’t I start the experience?

If you have issues starting the device, there might be several reasons:

  • The device is not charged
  • You might have forgotten to remove the seal tab from the VEEV pod
  • You press & hold the button during vaping
  • There is no liquid left in the VEEV pod
  • Device malfunction
  • VEEV pod leaks


If your device is not starting, please, check the following:

  1. Charge your device with the manufacturer approved AC power adaptor.
  2. Ensure you have removed the seal tab from the pod and re-insert it
  3. To start the experience, press the button only once and do not hold the button while vaping.
  4. Ensure the VEEV pod has e-liquid in it. If not, replace with a new pod.
  5. Check if VEEV pod is fully clipped. Detach and re-insert it again.
  6. In case the pod leaks, thoroughly clean the connector areas of the device and the pod before inserting it back to the device. Then, introduce a corner of a tissue in the pod slot (mouth end) to clean for e-liquid droplet that may collect there.
  7. Reset your device by pressing the button for 10 seconds

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