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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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VEEV introduces two new flavours—with a twist
VEEV introduces two new flavours—with a twist

VEEV introduces two new flavours—with a twist

Vaping is always about choice, and VEEV is pleased to announce two new flavours for adult vapers to choose from—VEEV Island Cascade and VEEV Velvet Valley. As always, these new flavours are expertly crafted in the EU from best-in-class ingredients and come ready for use in our convenient e-liquid VEEV pods. Let’s explore how they shape up.

Two new options for adventurous tastebuds

NEW! VEEV Island Cascade

This captivating flavour offers a blend of refreshing mint with a watermelon twist.

NEW! VEEV Velvet Valley

With VEEV Velvet Valley, expect a blend of honey with a creamy vanilla twist.-

No matter which of our two new flavours you try, you can expect a sophisticated twist on flavours you already love. What’s more, both offer pharmaceutical-grade nicotine for consistent quality and purity, along with food-grade flavourings.

Shop for VEEV’s new flavours now

Like all VEEV products, shopping for our two new flavours is easy. Choose to order them now with VEEV Auto Delivery, shop online at the VEEV webstore, or find a conveniently located retailer near you.

Ready to taste unique flavours with a twist? VEEV has you covered.