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Health Canada warning: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.

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When to Change a Vape Coil?
When to Change a Vape Coil?

When to Change a Vape Coil?

One essential component in vapes - the coil - often requires extra care. In those particular devices, the vape coil is part of the atomizer and is responsible for heating and vapourisation. Typically, a coil needs to be changed frequently throughout a device’s lifespan. To know when a vape coil should be replaced, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions. Many manufacturers suggest you look out for these common signs of degradation:

- A burnt or foul taste: The tell-tale sign of a degraded coil -a burnt or foul-tasting vape - can be frustrating. A simple coil replacement could potentially fix this problem. However, make sure to check the e-liquid too – including the levels – as a dry vape could also cause burnt taste. As well, an expired e-liquid can be another reason for it.

- Crackling: It can be concerning when a vape makes crackling noises for the first time, but these sounds are often normal and usually indicate the vape is working properly. However, if there are frequent or louder sounds, this may indicate a problem in the vape - potentially with the coil.

- Leaking vape: A degraded coil coil could be the cause for a leaking device. While there are other reasons a vape might leak, replacing the coil is one of the first potential solutions to try.

- No vapour: A faulty coil is a common reason that a vape isn’t producing vapour.

How Often Should You Change a Vape Coil?

Usually crafted from a thin piece of wire, vape coils generally don’t last as long as the other components in a vape. For certain devices, it’s worth noting that adult vapers will need to replace and maintain their vape coil during a device’s lifetime. Adult vapers might not know how often they need to change the vape coil in advance. That’s usually because, as per the guidance provided by many manufacturers, several factors could impact this component’s lifespan.

- Different coil types – There are different coil types, each with different lifespans and durability. The type of coil used will likely affect how often it needs changing.

- Frequency of use – An adult vaper who uses their device frequently will probably need to replace their coil more regularly than those who vape less often. This is because the coil wears down faster with more regular use.

- Wattage and voltage of a device - Lower voltage often results in higher heat, causing e-liquid to vapourise faster. This could put more strain on the coil.

As the lifespan and durability of a coil can vary, it is important to keep an eye on the device and regularly check for signs of a degraded coil.

A faulty coil isn’t always the cause of issues with a vape- sometimes it may be that the coil simply needs cleaning. A build-up of residue, produced by the e-liquid when it is vapourised, may also be responsible for device complications.

Coil less Devices in the VEEV Range

While many older vape models require frequent coil replacements, some modern devices do not. After years of vaping innovation and new technology, it’s possible to enjoy a vape without the hassle of coil replacements. For example, with VEEV ONE there’s no need to replace wick and coil. It’s closed pod format allows you to replace the consumables, instead of the coil. Once the pod is empty, simply take it out and insert a new one.

Find a flavourful range of VEEV ONE pods, and discover the VEEV ONE device on our online store.

Important information: VEEV ONE is not risk-free and provides nicotine, which is addictive.

* Average reductions in levels of a range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette. See Important Information on VEEV-vape.com.

A vape coil may need frequent changes depending on the device. The ‘when’ depends on several factors, and the best way to tell is by regularly checking your device. If you’d like to avoid coil replacements, modern devices - like those in VEEV’ range of disposable and pod vaping products - may be better suited for you. If you own, or are looking to purchase a VEEV device, head to our FAQ page. Of course, remember that VEEV products are not risk-free and provide nicotine, which is addictive.

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