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The Try VEEV Offer is organized by RBH and applicable only for legal age nicotine users who are first time purchasers of VEEV. By registering to our database you receive a promo code to redeem the Try VEEV offer (one device plus three packs of pods of any flavour in stock for free). This program is valid until July 31st 2022.


You must be a tobacco and/or nicotine user and the age of majority within your Province of residence to redeem this offer.


The program is for the purposes of introducing Legal Age Nicotine Users/Smokers truly interested in knowing more about VEEV. If it is discovered that you are attempting to abuse the program’s intention and purpose, that you are using fake names and/or identities or that you are using multiple email addresses, RBH may, in its sole discretion, decide that this offer is not applicable for that specific case, or even disqualify you from redeeming this offer.