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No, the VEEV App is only compatible with the previous VEEV model.
VEEV app is the application that enables to customize the interactions with VEEV devices and provides support services. The application is available on android devices, in web app version and in desktop version for Mac and Windows. Here the personalization features of your VEEV:
• Illumination mode
• Locate my device
• Vape cloud size
With VEEV app you can also enjoy such features as:
• Tips, tutorials & FAQs
• Device battery level indication
• Automatic Device Registration upon pairing • Contact information for VEEV support.
If you log-in for the first time, you would need to create your account on this website. Once done, open the application on your mobile phone and select your country and language. Use your user name and password from VEEV website to log-in to the VEEV app. Follow the steps in the application to complete the process, and, please, ensure that your account and your app are registered in the same country*.
Yes you can, provided that you have already created your account.* You cannot create the account directly on the VEEV app; please, go on to activate it. If your device is not registered yet, once paired with the VEEV app, it will be automatically registered under your account. The app displays all the VEEV devices that are registered in your account even if they were not previously paired with the app. If you have signed out of your current app to change the country or have re-installed the app on a new device, enable the connection between your VEEV device and the VEEV app using Bluetooth©, and pair your devices again.
* The account cannot be created directly in the VEEV app. Please, go to to create your account.
Here the personalisation features of your VEEV that can be used without an Internet connection:
• Illumination mode
• Locate my device
• Vape cloud size
Internet connection is required to ensure the following features or sections are up to date and accurate:
o Log in / launch the app for the first time
o My account
o Select Country
o Shop Online
o Terms of Use
o Privacy Notice
o Registering devices o Some online photo or video content
o Nearest VEEV Store finder
Features that are not included in the above list do not require internet access, e.g. FAQs.
With VEEV App you will have access to the following features:
• Illumination mode
• Vape cloud size
You can activate or deactivate it at will, or customize the vibration using the VEEV app.
To activate / deactivate this feature, quickly press the button while taking a shot.
VAPE CLOUD SIZE - enables to choose between two vape cloud sizes (amount of generated vapor): regular or reduced. Note that you can activate this feature through VEEV app or through the device. Quickly double press the button twice to enter in vape cloud size selection, then double press the button again to customise the size.
ILLUMINATION MODE - enables to change the brightness of the device LED lights from 100 % to 50%.
Through the VEEV app, you can lock your VEEV device to prevent others from accessing it. You can unlock it using the VEEV app any time. In the app: go to the DEVICES tab and look for the device by scrolling left or right. Tap ‘LOCK/UNLOCK’ in the top-right corner of the screen.
Note, the device will not lock itself automatically after each use. You will need to enable this manually.
In case you face difficulties unlocking your VEEV device, please, ensure your device is paired to the application via Bluetooth connection. You can check this in the ‘Devices’ section.
If the app shows ‘Device Connected’, find the ‘UNLOCK’ button (top right of screen).
If the app shows ‘Device Not Connected’, it means your device is not paired to the application. You will have to associate it through Bluetooth.
If your device is connected, the app will indicate ‘Device Connected’. If your device has already been paired, it will appear in the carousel of all your devices in the ‘Devices’ tab. In case of pairing errors, the corresponding message is displayed.
To enable device Bluetooth connectivity, press the device button three times to activate (or de-activate) the functionality. In the app: allow to access the device’s location. Navigate to the “DEVICES” tab and tap on the “ADD NEW” button if you pair the device for the first time. Then, follow the instructions on the screen. If the device has already been paired just select “PAIR”.
Yes, you can pair all your Bluetooth® enabled VEEV devices to the VEEV app.
In the app: Go to the DEVICES tab and scroll to the bottom. Tap on the ‘Unpair device’ button. Please note that unpairing a device removes the Bluetooth connectivity link between the device and the app. However your device remains registered in your account. You can pair it again at any time.
Press the device button three times and the blue light will appear once enabled. The device automatically reconnects to the app when it is turned on. You can also enter the pairing mode directly from the App if the Bluetooth on device is turned on.
Your device may lose Bluetooth connectivity with your mobile phone when:
o VEEV device is out of range from the phone
o VEEV device is turned off or out of battery
o Bluetooth connectivity on the mobile phone is turned off
o Bluetooth connectivity on the device is turned off
o After the app update
Please note that VEEV devices will not reconnect automatically after loosing Bluetooth connectivity.
This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.